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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Better News.

David heard from his sister last night, Hope is up in Stonybrook but the vein that clogged in her heart is a small one and they're treating it with medications which are working. She should be home in a few days. David had planned on going back in a couple of weeks and will probably stick to schedule as both of his sisters are there already. So he's very relieved and will hopefully be able to talk to her today. Our anniversary was not much, we had dinner at home and exchanged Peeps in a Symbolic Expression Of Unity. Actually we just like pounding down the Peeps but that sounds so much more impressive, doesn't it? Pearl continues to misbehave, but not quite as badly - I think a lot of her problem is we haven't had a puppy in the house in years and things change. The kids are no longer young and one isn't here and where we live poses different problems. If she runs - she's gone and there's no houses out there to find her so we can't just let her run without a lead. She'll get older but at the moment she's making us crazy. I continue to knit, I finished the hat and it's already gone, I gave it to someone who's way to young to lose her hair. I'm still working on the blue sweater which is slow going - it'll be beautiful when it's done, but the needles I'm using are very small which means it takes forever to knit up. Jackson had a monster headache yesterday, I'm wondering if maybe he's not developing allergies as this is the time of year for the sinus headaches. He's still going on about "The Hills Have Eyes" which we are not going to see, at least not both of us. He has his little list of movies I'm willing to take him to and that one is not on it. V For Vendetta was surprisingly good - on the ads it looks like a horror type movie but it's anything but. I think because the mask the lead character wears resembles the one worn in "Saw" (there's another one that won't be making the list), but it's really a VERY political thriller. The other two on his list are "Ultraviolet" (I'll go for the popcorn) and 16 Blocks.

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