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Friday, March 24, 2006

Praise The Lord And Pass The Ammuniton

I find it amazing that during this "War On Terror" one can still cheerfully box up and mail firearms all over the country. It's that time of the year again when David decides that all the carefully bought and restored guns he's searched for so long and  worked on so hard are not exactly what he wanted.  I no longer get upset about this little quirk - he never loses money and I think enjoys the searching and restoring more than he enjoys the actual gun. This is fueled by the internet which has things like Gun America that likeminded people can meet and and exchange guns like they're collectable teapots. So for the past month we've been making phone calls, consultations and have shipped and recieved from California, Kentucky, and who knows what else. All I know is we are getting a replacement lock from Alabama and the person who didn't send the bluing is in big trouble. Speaking of trouble,the cats have been making all sorts - Vincent has turned into some kind of feline serial killer and cheerfully spent the day offing a variety of wildlife - he did a barn rat, nest of bunnies and some birds and who knows what else. He may be incarcerated pretty soon. Claw's face is finally healing and we can look at her without laughing. Last week something must've fought back and bit her on the lip. Her upper lip swelled a little and she looked like she had the world's worst overbite. Then it went down but she had a little scab that ran across which inspired Jackson to start referring to her as "Hitler the Cat" and was slightly funnier than the previous week, THEN something scratched her right down the middle of her nose and that didn't help in the least. She might need to stay in the house too. Mr. Lee is just trying to ignore the whole bunch of yahoos as best she can. Oh, and other trouble - the coal mine access down the road will no longer be available for picture taking as they have started locking the gate. Hmmm.

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