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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Perpetual Motion

Forget everything I've said about Pearl -she's been bad since yesterday. She's pooped and peed in the house, chased the cats, gotten tangled up with Charger, got everyone up last night, bit me on the lip and just isn't listening in general. She is, at the moment, sitting under my chair chewing the legs - and I'm letting her. I know it'll get better but I'm about this far from putting her in a cardboard box with "Free puppy" written across the front. Her speed is phenomenal - we now keep her on a retractable lead and harness as she can outrun everyone,especially while chasing the cats. the things you forget about Vizslas!! I shaved Charger this morning so at least I got that done. David was supposed to help but ran off to the shooting range as there is some big too-do there this weekend. Charger has an amazing amount of hair, doesn't he? I did a pretty good job this year, a few bits escaped me but not many. Jackson and I are going to see "V for Vendetta" this afternoon, I refuse to see "The Hills Have Eyes" which appears to be about deformed people chasing not deformed people around with a variety of farm instruments. Harry Potter it's not. Since I was unable to go in the attic for two months after seeing The Grudge I didn't think that would be a good movie for me.I've been knitting a lot lately - keeps my strangling hands away from certain parties - I'm currently making a hat and a sweater. I usually don't do two projects at a time but someone needs a hat so I stopped the sweater(which is more complicated than I had planned on) and will hopefully finish the hat soon. Pearl's latest project is reconfiguring the carpet. Sigh. See ya.,

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mosie1944 said...

Get her lots of chew toys and chewies; every time you see her chewing on something she shouldn't, replace it with something acceptable.  It worked for my last puppy.