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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Sneakin' Around The Coal Mines

I was out  again with my trusty camera, there's always something interesting to get a picture of so I rarely leave home without it. They've been doing alot with the coal mine here recently. If you look along the river there's towers that all have "no trespassing" signs on them, BUT not all of them. David feels just because some of them are not posted it doesn't mean the average citizen can frolic at will on them. I disagree. It's sort of like the warnings they put on packages -  for example, if you look on disposible diaper boxes there's a warning not to put them near open flames which covers the company in case you forget and leave the baby on the stove. If it wasnt' there then you'd have toddlers lying about on burners all the time because no one said you shouldn't park the kid next to the soup, SEE? Same thing with the coal equipement, no sign, no warning. So David parked next to one without the little sign and I frolicked my butt right up there. About halfway up I began to feel maybe there was a reason for the signs so I took my pictures and frolicked back(quickly!) to the car before Mr. Crabby drove off, leaving me to the coal miners. And then when I was out walking I noticed the mine access they've been dismantling - THERE WAS NO ONE THERE - whoo hoo! Bonus round! So I frolicked on the side that had no sign with that pesky Trespassing word on it and sneaked right up to it. The access to the shaft was fenced off but I stuck my camera through and tried to get a good picture. It would've been better had I sneaked past the fence but that would've pushed the no trespassing issue, not to mention the 2 mile drop problem (hence, the reason for the fence). In other news I got good news from my boss, the medicare surveyors not only thought I did a good job on my visit but told her my paperwork was "top notch"!! and they found NOTHING wrong or deficient in my charting. Given the amount of paperwork in home care that is almost on par with the water to wine thing. Pearl has been getting herself in dutch lately, she seems to enjoy pooping by the dining room table which no one else is enjoying. I'm off for the weekend and not oncall so I'm just hanging ten!

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LOL @ artsy-fartsy.