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Saturday, March 4, 2006

Finally Home.

I'm trying desparately to stay awake, I had the worst time sleeping last night. Between the stress of work, the anticipation of Pearl and dreaming about Copper everytime I shut my eyes - sleep was an elusive thing. I dont want to fall asleep early though or I'll find myself up at 2 am. We made good time to Latrobe - the woman that sold us Pearl has SEVEN vizslas - all of whom we met. They were a red bouncing thing, it was like being greeted by old friends. Pearl's mother looks like Lady, Red like Copper - another like Yanchi, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. We stayed and talked for about half an hour, Kathy had two Vizslas at Westminster this year ,neither of whom placed but it's like being at the Oscars I suppose - it's an honor just to be invited. Then off we went with Pearl, who as you can imagine was none too happy and made sure everyone in a 2 mile radius was aware of her plight. We stopped at Dunkin Donuts - for some reason we don't have one here and we do miss it! David gave Pearl a little of the egg he had which she loved, and then went back to howling. It was a longer drive back. The zoo does not like her. Charger freaks everytime she comes near him like she's a wanted felon or something - and of course Pearl wants him to be her friend. The cats are not amused. We bought a gate and Jackson has moved his mattress to the floor for now - his room is tile and easily gated off so he wins the puppy at night. Besides, it wouldn't be fair to kick Charger out of our room at this late date. We knew it was going to be a bit of struggle - adding a puppy to the house is fairly similar to adding another child- the big difference is the time frame is shorter and they don't talk back quite as much. But so far she's gone outside to do her business every time, ate well and David is VERY happy as she can already fetch - and enjoys it quite a bit. Right now she's downstairs with Jackson snuggled into bed - we gave up the fight of making the puppies sleep alone long ago. You lose anyway and at least this way everyone gets some sleep.

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