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Sunday, March 5, 2006

The Gild Is Off The Lily

Bringing the puppy home is a fun and exciting event. Then you have to deal with the rest of it's life. Pearl we have discovered over the course of a day, could probably shatter glass with her howling. She could probably make a banshee cry when she really gets going. It's not all the time, but I'm sure she's frantically calling her mother and littermates and I'm sure it's not easy to find yourself in unfamiliar territory. She slept with Jackson last night and didn't get up until 4:30 and I think she'll be easy to housebreak. She's only had a couple of small accidents in the house and when we take her outside she does her business. Charger tries to stay clear, Pearl's been trying to get him to play by attacking his feet and tail, it's not going over well at all. But everyone is getting used to her and we're having a lot of fun with her when she's not shrieking. I'm back to work tomorrow so David will be dealing with her, he's planning on doing some work in the yard since she loves being outside and romping around. Now it's not a problem, but since Vizsla's are hyper and can run for miles we will have to soon address a fence for her. We also have to get her to the vet's in a couple of weeks and will probably be getting her microchipped or tattooed - it would kill us to lose her. Right now she's sleeping in a wicker laundry basket in a blanket and she's so cute!

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