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Saturday, March 11, 2006

What Color Is Your Neck?

David and I stopped yesterday at Vance's to get our lottery ticket (aka "the redneck retirement plan") and saw this truck. We were both quite taken with it, I don't know the milage but for a 92 it's way spiffy. That would be when it dawned on us we were BOTH wanting a Redneck Truck. The only thing it lacked was a confederate flag in the back window which I'm sure you could easily purchase inside. Vance's is right down the road from us - it's a gas station/car dealership/auto parts/deli/convience store. It's always busy and they're very nice there. David has been busy lately - he's been doing his jobs around my work this week so the puppy hasn't been left alone for more than 4 hours yet. Pearl went to the vet's yesterday - David said the whole office was waiting for her - Dr. Kenney took off with her for about half an hour. David said he was loitering by the counter while everyone in building was playing with Pearl in the back - then they remembered that Pearl had not taken a cab and invited David to the back too. She's doing well and growing like a weed. So far this week she's been to the high school, my office and the post office. I'm on call for the weekend and I'm hoping no one will, but that's pretty farfetched. I'm still knitting, at some point I'll take a picture.I was actually thinking about learning how to sew - you would think since I can knit, crochet, embroider, mend, etc sewing would be a given. But sadly no, I am Doom to all sewing machines, just the merest touch from me and the bobbins tangle and the needles break. Not to mention I don't think I need one more hobby at this point.  I haven't heard from Adam lately,but I suppose at the age of 22 I shouldn't expect to hear from him daily.

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