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Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Watching The Grass Grow..... something I doubt I'll be doing today. Everytime I called home yesterday I could hear Pearl having a canary about something. David's gloating this morning because it's my turn with the Howler Monkey. She's gotten better and was finally eating yesterday - David did make an appointment with our vet anyhow just so we can make sure she's ok. Work was better yesterday, I discharged a good amount of patients so I got to sit for once. I was actually sitting and doing paperwork but sitting is sitting!! Jackson ran off to Becky's yesterday, he's allowed two days a week during his incarceration and takes full advantage. I mailed off some stuff yesterday during my travels, I had promised the breeder I would send her a toy pheasant like the one I bought Pearl (one of her dogs was crazy about it and kept stealing it and Kathy couldn't find one) so I am getting things done. I'm still working on my sweater but it's not coming out the same as in the picture.I checked and I'm doing the stitch right but I think what the problem is is that the yarn is very elastic and I tend to keep my tension pretty tight so all the lacework snaps together. It's not a problem, it still looks nice but doesn't resemble the picture in the least. I snuck in 4 more skeins of yarn the other day - yes only 4 - you can only hide so many in your filebox.

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