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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Where Did Spring Go?

There's nothing worse than a very warm spell followed immediately by the ice age descending upon us. Two days ago the weather was almost summerlike - it got up to 79 and I was driving with the windows open. Well, except for passing through Masontown near the lime mines behind the trucks. Cough cough gag gag. They can kick up some dust and it's worse than the coal dust I have to say. I saw people in shorts and everyone came out in their yards. Then yesterday the temps dropped almost 50 degrees and this morning I swear I saw a snow flake. Things are crazy at the office  - the medicare surveyors are in town and this year instead of doing a spot check they're pulling every single chart in the office. And no one knows why. If they're anything like the IRS perhaps they do spot audits, who knows. All I know is I'm tired of them being there and keeping everyone in high gear all the time. I had one come with me on a visit yesterday and you know how it is when someone is watching, all of the sudden feel like you're doing everything wrong and second guess all things you usually do. Ew. Pearl's growing like a weed as puppies tend to do and enjoys making trouble. David remarked the other day she's very needy but that's not going to change - she'll just be bigger and needy given that she is a Vizsla. You would think since he's owned the breed from the time he was 11 he'd remember that but he doesnt'. We do enjoy her.

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