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Wednesday, March 1, 2006

The Best Seat In The House

We're going to eventually replace all these old registers, scrubbing doesn't make them look any better, does it? They're not a priority though, the only time I see them is when I do things like take pictures of the cat. The cats of course LOVE them, we put Mr. Lee's baby blanket in front of the one in the bedroom and Claw favors the one in our bathroom. That's a pain because she likes to sleep there and if you get up during the night you have to go down to the guest bathroom unless you feel up to battling The Beast Who Will Not Move. It can get ugly. I did not get any days off this week which sucks, yesterday everyone had taken thier crabapple pills at the office (including yours truly)so there was tons of carping and so forth. When I got back to the office things were much calmer - the other nurse has given her 30 days notice so the office was a bit more pleasant. I worked it out and will be taking next Tuesday off which is great puppy-wise and my patients moved themselves around so I only have one job today and will be able to get my paperwork done. I finished teaching Susan how to use the afgan hook just in time for another patient to have an issue and have to go out there at the end of the day. I cannot wait for Saturday.

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