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Saturday, March 4, 2006

West Virginia, Puts The "M" in mobile....

David has often wondered aloud at where they're going with these singlewides, they seem to be constantly up and down the highways, often blocking traffic forever in the smaller towns. And a fair amount aren't even new mobile homes - given the fact there's no shortage of Old Junky Singlewides in any place around here, why you would have to transport one is beyond me. Anyhow, I made a return trip to Garard's fort and there's a little historic sign about the Rev. Corbly who seemed to have no end of troubles. After the family got thumped he was  imprisoned years later (1794) on a rather Dreadful Night, well, you can just read the rest for yourself, now can't you? I didn't have enough time to go skipping around the cemetary again since it was a full work day. I like when they call me from work to see what I'm doing and I have to pretend to be working while in reality I'm lying on my stomach on a grave taking pictures.(oh don't get all upset - they know I do stuff like that and as long as I get my work done, no one minds) There are days when I do love my job. Yesterday I didn't love my job - the 12th day and the other nurse who is quitting was supposed to be doing a visit decided not to so I had to do it - my "half day" got extended to 7 hours so I was a VERY unhappy camper. But I'm off for the weekend and no call - we're picking up Pearl this morning and I can' wait! It's not that far a drive either, 62 miles. We're leaving around 9am and will be there by 10:30 and by this afternoon I will have a brand spanking new Vizsla. I've had a few crying jags this week though I have to admit, even though we're getting a new dog, I deeply miss the old one. Life goes on, but it's not without it's bumps in the road.

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