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Friday, March 31, 2006

Things You Should Know.

1) - just because the sign says "10 for $10" does NOT mean you have to buy ten. It means they would like you to. If you buy 2, it's still only a dollar apiece.

2) The two most useless signs in WV are "Falling Rocks" and "Sliding Road" - despite the warning there is absolutely nothing you can do in the event the rock falls or the road slides so why even point it out??

3) While driving the backroads it's a good idea to make sure everything in the car is secured down - I discovered that while negotiating a hairpin turn on Bald Hill Church Road, a can of V8 can become a missle.

4) I still don't know why I should turn off my cell phone in the Blasting Areas - and how would they know?

5) Cows do indeed smell bad close up.

6) It's best not to stick hands or feet in any opening unless you're fairly certain it won't collapse a million miles down or there's no resident in there. You need to resist the temptation.

7) The hills are not alive with the sound of music. They are alive with the sound of mine shaft fans.

So here it is finally Friday. I have an infusion this afternoon so I'm free to roam about the country, at least for the morning. David is going to the doctor's today, he had a cold a couple of weeks ago and cannot shake the cough. He's driving me crazy and has informed me it's not socially acceptable to glare at the infirm. I pointed out that if the infirm would go to the doctor's like he should've, it would cut down on the glarin a great deal. We're going to clean the carpets this weekend as Pearl seems to be fairly safe - she's down to an accident every couple of days or so, which isn't bad for her age. She went to the vet's yesterday and got her microchip done and she has a little yeast infection in her ear. So we get to stick medication in her ears twice a day. Yippee, she loves that.



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