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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Am Not Living For The Weekend

The only upside of this weekend is it's a good photo opportunity. Well, then there's the shopping aspect also(A.C. Moores - whoo hoo!!). When going over my schedule on Friday I discovered the only feasible time to infuse my patient in PA was Saturday so I sucked it up. Then I got an admission in Preston county which I scheduled for the morning so I could shoot over to PA in the early afternoon. Then I got TWO more admissions for Clarksburg which is about 50 miles or so from my house and will be done on Sunday. I've got to take my new nurse to an infusion on Monday out in Preston county again but I have a drug level lab draw in town so I'll be out and about VERY early - then there's the two days of seminars and 3 more half day infusions - I like to think I'm running a tight ship but am very much aware all of this can explode (and probably will) at any time. I mentioned the other nurse to one of my infusion patients and was repelled immediately so that party will be staying on my dance card - it's ok, I didn't want to give them up anyhow. Some of the newer ones I can give away but the ones that I've been taking care of for a couple of years I may not be able to, at least for awhile. The home infusions are much different than the visits because you end up spending hours with the patient on a regular basis, most of them have dogs and family - this is thier home after all. And of course I've become very fond of them - I have one patient with multiple handicaps and the day that patient sang to me - three words out of a song - I cannot remember ever being so deeply touched or moved. The effort put forth was beyond anything most of us dream of, it was wonderful. As you can tell, I'm pretty attached to them too and since I'll be able to keep a few of my infusion patients it's not a problem. The agency is still looking for a nurse to be full time but I think given the time of year it won't happen soon. Things around here are a bit different - there are FOUR nursing schools and all of the hospitals hold interviews in January so that when the nurses graduate in May they're all hired. The best time around here to find a job or employee is after Sept when everyone is bored with thier job so I think I might be wearing two hats for a while yet.

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