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Sunday, March 4, 2007

Greetings From Cambodia

I got a bunch of emails and pictures from Adam yesterday - they are back in Japan after being out at sea for a couple of months. Adam said Cambodia was a lot of fun, they were in port for quite awhile this time so he really got to see the country. He's still going back and forth as to whether he'll be staying in the navy or not, this month he is staying. Next month he'll be going, we just roll right along with him. I know part of his issue is possibly being transferred from Japan which depending on what's going on that week is either a good thing or a bad thing. But he's happy just to be back on dry land for now and obviously is looking quite well. Jackson is much better too - he still feels a bit dragged out but informed us last night he will be able to go to Applebee's today. Yesterday there was yet another 5 hour marathon of the Dr. Who series and we were forced to sit through the entire thing so we could see the Season Finale. Jackson fell asleep during the last Marathon and missed it - I too would pass out after being subjected to hours of that but I didn't say anything as that would force him to defend English TV. And after that they premired yet another british series based on the adventures of Robin Hood so I 'm sure there will be another marathon coming down the pike. We once again bid good bye to spring yeterday during the first snow squall and now this morning everything is all white and frozen again. I cannot believe I was starting to clean out the hot tub. My lastest project is coming along better than I had thought it would so I'm not going to frog it after all. I have a bunch of infusions for this week so I'll be resurrecting the afgan as I don't have to count the stitches with that.

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mommareef said...

Adam looks great!   All is well here...though I have things to tell you...tried to call today but you must have been at Applebees!!!!!!