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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Spring is Here!

The ground occasionally dries up for a moment and then it rains again, but we don't mind. Everything is greening up beautifully, including the yard. David will enjoy it for about 10 minutes but I can see the grass already could use a mowing and he'll be carping about that this weekend. I'm busy at work, we're having a little bit of tiff at work, one of my coworkers keeps taking my phone calls for the visit patients and then proceeds to make a royal mess out of things. Yesterday I just lost it, she created this screwed up situation and she just kept right on going, making it worse and worse - it would've been amazing had it been someone else's problem. If I'd let it continue I would've been in the middle of nowhere starting an infusion last night around ten pm - I noticed she didn't volunteer to go! - but I got it worked out with the infusion company and the family, I have to finish tying up the loose ends at some point today. I know part of the problem is I'm now officially "in" the office so there is going to be some jockeying for position and I'm really not sure what this person's problem is because my job has nothing to do with hers. I just hate when there's one person that makes everything uncomfortable. Other than that, things are getting better. I still miss Charger Barger but don't cry as much so that helps. And David got my summer clothes down so I've been busy trying them all on - I LOVE getting down the summer clothes, don't you? It's like old friends or a favorite book you thought you lost but it shows up unexpectedly. And better yet because of all the weight I lost - IT ALL FITS!!

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