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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Is It Monday Again??

Yes, I'm on call again - I only have one job (so far) this weekend so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. It's been a pretty quiet week here as you can imagine, thank goodness I have work to keep me busy. I'm feeling better about the whole Charger thing, in retrospect I am glad we put him to sleep before it got really bad. David and I have seen some people that just can't let go no matter how bad off thier pet is and as I've always said, I wouldn't want someone to do that to me. But the weather has gotten warmer and the grass is greening up and I wish he could've been here just for the spring, the dogs always get so much enjoyment out of the yard in that season. It's been raining tons for the past few days but the temps are getting into the sweater range so Pearl will stay out regardless and comes in covered in mud. The yard is so saturated at this point that you can actually see plumes of water in some areas fly up as she runs by. Work has been busy - I've actually been able to be in the office as of late for a few hours, the latest new nurse will start orientating Thursday - her last day at her other job is Monday but I told it was fine with me if she wanted to have a couple of days to goof around - I usually give myself a couple of weeks personally and I think you kind of need that down time to get adjusted. All of the infusions are done for now so I have a little breathing room. Our wound seminar was cancelled on Thursday - I was a little disappointed but it gave me the time I needed to really get things caught up in the office so I can't complain. Jackson has been fine, he's looking foward to his spring break coming up - after all the snow days he had you'd think he would be tired of being home, wouldn't you?

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