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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Not So Happy 25th.

If you want to enjoy your 25th wedding anniversary my advice to you is don't put your beloved Pooh Dog to sleep the evening before. David and  I tried to enjoy it as best we could, but it was an uphill battle. We went to Clarksburg to poke around our favorite stores, I went to AC Moore and David went to the tractor place, we went to the big shoe store there (WAY over priced) and just sort of sadly browsed. We went to Cracker Barrel for lunch, I cried a little over my pancakes and then cried all the way home. When we came in we found Pearl had somehow managed to do something to her leg - we have no idea, she probably fell off the refridgerator or something knowing her. She was limping but it wasn't broken or anything and David told Pearl she'd used up all her medical for the week -his version of a Canine HMO I suppose. We have seen quite enough of the vet thank you. She's been very quiet for her, I'm sure she'll  bounce back eventually but for right now she's not herself. We went out to dinner at Bob Evans - I figure during the summer when we're all feeling better we'll have a "Do Over" - there was just no way around it. We picked Jackson up from Becky's and that was about it. Pearl's leg is better this morning and I'm off to work. I have to do two admissions so my orientation class is cancelled and I'm just going to truck the orientee around with me today. Tomorrow I'm off to Pittsburgh again and then Friday I have no idea what is going to happen. I'm also on call this weekend. And I still miss Charger Barger Super Dog.

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mommareef said...

Oh well....Happy 25th anyway!!!!! should have a do-over this Summer.  If you want to be romantic and come to New England and hang out in Ipswich at the beach....let me know.  The "Reef Bed and Breakfast" has a room waiting for you!