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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

The Fireplace Is Still In Use

After announcing the weather would be getting warmer all last week the Crack Weather Team changed thier mind this morning and now it will be in the 20's with a winter weather watch all day today. Since everything melted a bit yesterday the yard is all brittle ice which makes it fun to walk around. And yes I am aware of how old I am, but I have few neighbors and if I wish to bounce around the yard because I like the noise it makes - well, who's going to see me anyhow? Work was a little stressful yesterday largely due to it being Monday and I also had to orient someone while dealing with all of the odds and ends left over from the weekend. The new per diem nurse is nice, she's from Maryland and lives out Preston county way. David has started working on our bathroom this week, he's tiling the floor as even he can't take it anymore. The floor was improperly laid vinyl curling up at the edges. After he repainted the walls - that was a bit of a task as it was sapphire blue - it looked a hundred times worse. So I came home last night to the toilet sitting elsewhere and all of our bathroom stuff in the bedroom. He's had a bit of lag time - here the work seems to slow down in March instead of February so he decided to get some of these projects done. Jackson is trying to get out of school again, there might a be a teacher's strike today so he thinks there might not be a point in going. I told him he is not staying home because there MIGHT be a strike. Good try though.

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