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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Monday Just Keeps Coming

The problem with working so much over the weekend is there's just no end to things. I started off early to get labs and was on my way out to Preston county to meet Linda when the office called to let me know they no longer accept the gold tubes for the lab I was drawing. News to me. The infusion patient went well and I was able to leave after a about half an hour or so and go back to the office for a couple of hours and play phone tag. The boss is out of town until Wednesday and Susan's grandfather is ill so I was trying to get everything done and more in this very short period of time.  This week is just bad as all of my long infusions are all lumped together along with my visit patients along with all of my new duties and I'm just paddling like mad trying to stay afloat. On the home front things are going into a downward spiral. David's work has stopped entirely for the past two weeks, it's not a big deal but he is BORED and I come home to a new house everyday. Judging from the amount of ads in the paper I think he's not the only one with the slow down on work and most of it tends to be mud and weather related. It'll pick up in the next few weeks or so, I've been encouraging him to do stuff he normally doesn't have time for. The other bad thing is Charger Barger, remaining Super Dog. He is not doing well at all, David is taking him to the vet today or tomorrow but he looks like he's retaining fluid, he's having a very hard time standing up and he's very short of breath. I have to be in Bridgeport for the next couple of days for OASIS training (Outcome and Assessment Information Set) so he will have to deal with it on his own which sucks. David is just not good with these things.

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