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Friday, March 2, 2007

Anyone Up For A Mud Bath?

The rain started yesterday - as I had mentioned previously the ground was already saturated so when I took Pearl out this morning you can almost sink into the ground in some spots in our yard. I haven't peeked in the sump yet but it can't be too bad as it hasn't gone on yet. Anyhoo, I did end up doing that class the other day on my own with not much in the way of how to do it. We have an enourmous orientation binder which I started going through with them - after about 2 minutes of that I ditched that - I think I was almost more confused than they were! I went and got the actual packets we use for the admissions and we went through that page by page. That went over well - I know with myself it's easier if I can see what I'm supposed to be doing physically. It took longer than I thought it would and I walked away with a better idea of how to do it the next time. Of course I got asked a few questions I had no idea how to answer but I told them I'd let them know later or they could ask Tammy. I'm taking one of them out on Monday - she has previous experience though so it won't be too long of a process. Jackson is home sick today, he has a virus or something - he was running a temp last night and was a bit gleeful about it. Considering all the snow days they had you would think he's tired of being home. He's also plotting to get us to take him out to Applebee's this weekend, he's let us both know he's pretty sure he'll feel up to it. He's now decided he's going to be a Navy Seal when he graduates, this of course thrills his father who would rather he work down the road at a safe job. I've pointed out that at the age of 17 I was going to be a writer in NYC with my best friend who was going to be doing the art work and we'd be temporarily sharing an apartment waiting for the boatloads of moola to come in. I have also in the past plotted to become a lawyer, baker, sheep herder in Australia and independently wealthy so in the greater scheme of things I have no problem with Jackson being a Navy Seal/psychologist/welder.


lizzardweiss said...

Hey! After years of checking out your Blog, I've made an entry! Didn't know you were supposed to. What do you want from someone who still sends letters via snail mail?
Anyway, Pearl is very porcine when seen from certain angles. Only you would discover that. :)

quiltsnroses said...

Hey, now you have two pets in one-a cute piggy and a cute doggie!  It rained here in San Diego for what seemed like two days straight and today my nephew came over to help me with some yard work (digging some holes for some roses and doing some pruning).  I thought the ground might be too wet to dig in, but after all of that rain, it was only wet about two to three inches down.  Last night my "one & only" went to our neighborhood Applebees for dinner--they went and changed the menu on us again and did not have the fried chicken salad that I always get. So I had a house salad and for the first time the tomato basil soup.  The house salad was nothing to brag about but the soup sure was tastey.  Have a good weekend.  P.S.  The Navy Seals do a lot of their training here at Coronado, maybe he would get stationed on the West Coast . . . or not.  A sheep herder in Australia?