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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Day 597: It Is Still Monday

Yesterday was long and mind numbing - it was like most day long seminars. The morning you're all awake and interested, the afternoon your fighting lapsing into a coma and pounding down anything that can come out of a vending machine. I have a test today - it's about 3 hours and hopefully I'll pass it. The OASIS is a government form so most of it makes no sense at all. After the day long seminar  I stopped in AC Moores to scarf up the rest of the yarn which took me about 3 minutes to find it and half an hour on line. The cashier there was the slowest I've ever encountered and had difficulty with every purchase. And no she's not new, she's been there for awhile, I was going to move but the other lines were moving in a similar pace so I just stayed put and waited. I didn't do too badly when I finally got up there - it only took the intervention of 3 people for me to buy the yarn. I considered putting it back but it was a great price and on clearance which according to the Rules Of Yarn I must I buy all of it as it may be discontinued. Since I now have enough to make several outfits and I'm not even that fond of green it makes no sense but the Rules Of  Yarn are similar to the government. They don't have to make sense. When I got home David was stripping the cabinets which combined with the grout sealer from yesterday makes our house smell really Special. Of course now that the cabinets are all in various stages of peeling he has recieved two calls - one for an estimate and one for a job and he has an appointment to take Charger Barger to the vet's today. He's also been working intermittently on the room in the back off of the kitchen which was a hot tub room from the 70's. Hopefully he'll get finished this summer as it's going to be an amazing room overlooking the woods. I guess I'd better get going, I have to be in Bridgeport by 8:15. (why can't these things EVER start at 10.....)

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