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Saturday, March 3, 2007


The wind was ripping last night, David went to let the dogs out and could barely push the door open. The upside is that the dogs were able to complete all of thier business in under 30 seconds. With the heavy rain we've had and the melting snow it is a worry, the trees on our property average about 25 feet so if one goes over, it's a big deal. We had one in the backyard go over the first winter we were here and it just barely missed the house - it took David a full day to cut it up it was so big. I've had the dogs out and it appears all of our trees are intact but it was too dark to see the barn so hopefully that survived as well. I've been pestering David about sheep lately, I pass a lot of farms and I know there's one down Baker's Ridge that sells them. Sometimes I think it's such a shame we have a barn and all of this property and no little animals. Sheep to me would be perfect - not only would they keep the pastures cropped but there is all that FREE wool to be had! And that stuff is expensive, we go to craft fairs in the summer and it can go for up to $40 a hank. If we got sheep I would just have all that free wool wandering around waiting for me to come get it. But David says No. He says sheep are smelly and they poop and he doesn't believe they can eat that much grass anyhow. He is such a party pooper. I have to drop my car off today, the never ending saga of the tires. I've noticed that when I start to drive over 80 my car starts shimmying so it's probably out of balance and it needs the oil changed anyhow so we are dropping it off this morning. The brakes are working just fine - I know this because I was standing on them yesterday when an entire herd of deer came leaping out of the woods down on Snake Hill. Spring is really on it's way. We have to do the weekly shopping and Jackson wants to come for that but we'll have to see how he is. He was indeed sick all day yesterday running a temp and so forth, but he seemed better last night so hopefully it's just one of those 24 hour deals. I'm currently working on Ray to come down for Easter, he's saying no of course but usually once I get him thinking of it he changes his mind. He keeps going on about the weather but Easter is a good month away.


mosie1944 said...

I love sheep, and have had a few.  They die easily, though.  And it's hard, these days, to find anyone to shear them.  AND the wool doesn't bring enough money to pay for the shearing.  Now if you were going to sell the wool at craft fairs or something, it might.  But just to sell it on the market like farmers do, you'd lose money.

lizzardweiss said...

Tell David that everything poops and the sheep probable think he smells. We have a professional shearer in the rabbit club, so if you want more info, I can get it for you.
Oh, Tabitha, the shearer, raises llamas and other things and gave a presentation at last month's meeting. There are breeds called "heirloom breeds" which were very popular in the past and are much hardier than today's genetically altered breeds. Let me know if you are interested in fnding out more.