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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Is It Monday Yet?

What a tiring weekend! I started off Saturday morning in Preston county and it was  pretty interesting  -  I got a history lesson complete with pictures. Pisgah is named after a biblical mountain by the way - established in 1881 and at one time during the height of the timber industry boasted 3 hotels, a store and a post office. Then it was off to Pennsylvania for a 3 hour infusion which was also fun as the patient has a houseful of dogs so once I start his IV then I mess around with the canine residents and knit. By then I was getting a bit tired, especially since I've been running hard all week - and my phone rang. Another patient was home from the hospital so off I was to another town and walked in the door around 5:30. I set up one appointment for the morning (this time down past Clarksburg) and then the second one - wrong number. I tried to map the address and it kept coming up it didn't exist. So this morning while heading out for visit #1 I was playing phone tag for visit #2. The whole upshot was I went to a similar sounding road and there the patient was. So I had the wrong phone number and the wrong address, BUT while waiting for everyone to call back I got some nifty Leaf Green mohair blend yarn on clearance so it wasn't a total washout. I will be back in Bridgeport Tuesday and Wednesday so I can scarf up the remaining skeins. If I bring too much yarn in the house at once the Yarn Hater gets all hysterical and starts going on about how much yarn I have, how I could quit my job and just knit and never reach the end of it, that we have yarn spilling out of drawers and closets, sigh - totally cuts into my yarn buying. So I bring it in a bit at a time and it cuts down on the Tramatic Yarn Syndrome someone has going. He is SO difficult sometimes. I think I'm going to ask to get paid for a few of the visits and then take the 20th off - that's mine and David's 25th anniversary - can you believe that? Especially since we come from two entirely different cultures - (he hates yarn and I love it!)

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mommareef said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!  Yes, it's sooooo cool!  Seems like the wedding was just a few years ago...or a lifetime ago depending on how you look at it.  Stephen and I enjoyed our 25th back in July.  Celie and Ren sent us on a sunset cruise around the islands and lighthouses off Maine.  We can hardly believe we've been together that long but neither one of us can remember much of life before we were married...of course the fact that we were still children on our wedding day means that there isn't much to remember of a "before".  :)
Tell David to quit carping about all your yarn....he does realize that yarn is cheaper than therapy and meds doesn't he!?  :)