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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Spring Has Sprung

The temps are FINALLY in the high 60's low 70's and of course it will be too hot too fast. We don't have much a spring around here, we usually get a few surprise snowstorms followed immediately by summer. I think we'll get the pool opened late May, everyone tends to do that around Memorial Day so I'm thinking a week or so before that. Otherwise we'll be cooling our heels til July. Pearl has been spending a ton of time outside, yesterday I took 4 hours of personal time and went home for the afternoon. At our agency you're given 8 hours of personal time every three months and if you don't use - you lose it. That is a very bad thing for me because I am a natural Hoarder, I'll hoard it and worry about it, thinking if I use it I won't have it if something comes up. What ends up happening is NOTHING comes up and I end up losing it. I lost all of my personal time last year doing this and it proved nothing I might add. So there  I was again, 8 hours of personal time and now I have until tomorrow to use it all up. So I took 4 hours yesterday and am planning on scooting out early on Friday. Pearl enjoyed as I came home early and I sat outside and read while she romped around and played with the dog next door. Love those sort of days, don't you?

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