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Thursday, March 15, 2007

O Is For Overdose.

David decided to have a Monday too and get in on the action. Yesterday he'd put the peeling stuff on the cabinets overnight and when I left to take the OASIS test he was starting to scrape them. He took Jackson to school and then came back to finish, he found Charger's pain medication bottle was on the floor - open and 3 chewable pills left. They're usually on  top of the refridgerator but he'd taken them down to do the cabinets over it. He did the math and realized Pearl The Pest had ingested roughly 23 pills - thank goodness he came back! He called the vet and they told him to give her a few teaspoons of peroxide to induce vomiting - David reports it made her burp and her teeth are very white now. So he packed both dogs up in the truck (Charger had an appointment for that morning) and off they went. They concluded Charger had not had any medications since Pearl does not share well so Pearl was the sole recipient of the Barf Shot. David said the vet  injected her and she walloped up everything she'd eaten in the past month right then and there. Charger had bloodwork and it was concluded he's old. And to add a little insult to injury David had to buy a brand new bottle of pills as we were out now. By the time he got back the peeling stuff on the cabinets had dried beautifully (sigh) so it was rather rough going but as you can see from the pictures he managed quite well. He's going to finish getting the rest of the varnish and whatever else is under there off this morning. He'd peeled them because they've been painted so many times the woodwork was losing definition and it would've been just one more layer of paint over many layers of dirty paint. He ended up doing the estimate late in the afternoon when he picked Jackson up from school so he did manage to get everything done despite the canine drug addict's antics. I did take that test and won't know the results for 6 - 8 weeks and I don't think I did very well. The pass rate is only 70% and it was VERY hard. This is one of the first times I've actually been there when they tell you to put your pencil down!

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quiltsnroses said...

Thank goodness Pearl is ok!  I am always afraid that I will drop one of my blood pressure pills and my Duchess will find it before I do.  My cupboards need to be redone too but they are such a messy project, aren't they, but looks like your David was able to get them done quickly in spite of the interruptions.

Maybe you did better on your test than you think you did--hope so!