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Friday, March 9, 2007

I'm Missing A Crown

Last night I got home a little early and was eating dinner when I suddenly discovered an entire tooth missing! I lost a crown and since it was no where to be found - I'd swollowed it. I panicked right away (no sense in putting it off you know) - it was 5:30pm, I have two infusions lined up for tomorrow out in PA and to boot I've been avoiding the dentist so I don't actually have one. David tried to remind me that people are suffering in other countries so losing a crown is not a big deal - he was lucky I was so upset or other people would've been suffering in the dining room. David found the number of his and Jackson's dentist and called - Theresa (his office staff) called back in 5 minutes and told us to come right down and they'd put in a temporary crown. So an hour later I was back in the car temporary crown in place - and I'm making a dentist appointment to have a check up too when I get a free moment. I was just so relieved they could do it on such short notice and yes, I am terribly glad they were able to squeeze me in.  This coming week is going to be a stomach clencher - all of my infusions except for one are landing on the same week and I have two seminars (all day) to go to. One of my infusions called last night to cancel  - he had a good reason and that way I can get something done in the office today but I might end up going out tomorrow morning or Sunday as that's going to be the only time I can do it. The new nurse has started doing visits on her own and that is helping a lot - I spent most of the day yesterday in the office and waded through a ton of stuff. But I still have to go with her for some things - like handing over some of my infusion patients which is harder than  I thought it would be. I have a population of chronic people and most of them I've been taking care of since I started this job. They're upset, I'm upset and I know it'll be hard for Linda since they'll want "thier" nurse. That's not unusual, when I do Mickey's route up in Bridgeport I always tell her I'm going to wear a t-shirt that says "Mickey Is Fine, She Just Took A Day Off". I'm going to be keeping some of my infusion patients but I do have to start handing some over. Transisiton is not always easy.


mosie1944 said...

I can't believe you got into the dentist so fast.  It wouldn't happen around here!

bookncoffee said...

Hi there.  Thanks for visiting my journal.  I love yours!!  So you have a cat that likes to sit on the washer?  Or that may have been the dryer? I forget now (too sleepy) ---LOL.
Our Smokie likes to ride the car up the driveway.  She looks for Hubby to come home and then he slows down while she jumps on and they slowly come up the drive.  Cats are comedians in fur.