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Thursday, March 8, 2007

And Now For Your Viewing Pleasure - Snow.

It started snowing yesterday and by the time I left for work it was coming down hard. When I hit the hill it was scary, the road under the snow was iced and my car actually slid almost halfway down before I was able to stop. I called David and told him not to even think of taking the truck out until they plowed - if my car slid his truck would be slinging. Jackson was home from school AGAIN of course, Tuesday the teachers all called in sick and then it snowed so he's only been to school once this week. They've been fighting over a pay raise - they want 6% and Gov. Manchin has approved a 2.5% so we get the pleasure of Jackson's company again next Wednesday. I took the new nurse out to a couple of visits in town that I knew I could do even if they hadn't plowed and then sent her home around 3pm. I've been making sandwiches at work for people, there is a sudden interest in soy so I made a sandwich for Tammy. Then Susan wanted one and now I'm making an extra for Sophie today. I'm considering just making a sandwich for everyone on Monday and being done with it. They're Tempeh Salad sandwiches - Tempeh is a block of fermented pressed soy beans and is way better than it sounds. On the home front David is almost done with the tacky blue bathroom - I put up some pictures, it looks wonderful doesn't it? I wish I could find some of the old pictures as you really need to see what it looked like before to really appreciate it. I think Pearl is finally coming out of heat thank goodness. It's pushed her whining to the limit and she can sit on the end of the bed and cry for hours in the hopes we will let her out so she can be a Canine Trollop. Nothing doing bucko we told her - so then she would lay under the bed and cry. I am so glad that's over with!

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mosie1944 said...

That first picture is Christmas-card pretty.  But you can keep your snow!