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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Goofing Off On Saturday

I had one visit yesterday but it was almost 50 miles so it took me the better part of the morning to get there and back. However, it's near one of my favorite places in the universe so I took my camera and my time and after I was done drove to Raccoon Valley Rd. I went to the old train station first, there's a gravel path you can drive down - if you go slow - and it's not too far. I took pictures from the ground and then started up the iron stairs on the side. The first couple were ok, but then it got a bit shaky so I changed my mind and came down. It's not on a well travelled road and although I wouldn't be there for days, I would probably spend a few hours lying in a twisted heap in the dirt so I used my Professional Nursing Judgement and got back in my car. (That term Professional Nursing Judgement was used by one of my fairly stodgey teachers and I've always thought it sounded hilarious so I try to stick it in conversations  when I can). I stopped at the stream further down and took more pictures - the Yellow Boy on this road is pretty bad - you can actually smell it in some parts. Here's a good article that explains what it is -

and when you see it for real, the bright orange is pretty unbelievable. On the way home I headed down Bull Run to see if I could find the giant the dip someone told me about -I drove til it got bad and then turned around. I'll have to ask Linda on Monday as I couldn't find it but I'm not sure if I was supposed to go down Bull Run - or go past it. While on Bull Run I got a call from the office to see if I would go to Marianna Pa and that would be a big NO as I would've broken 200 miles with that! We spoke to Ray last night and he's going to try and get here for Easter - I looked at the calendar and I'm on call that weekend. Oh well, what can you do?

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