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Monday, March 17, 2008

10,000 BC

Yes, we did go to see the movie 10,000 BC - we had seen the previews and it was supposed to be a riveting drama taking place in the aforementioned time. I have to say it was riveting except when Adam and Jackson both had to leave the theater due to uncontrollable laughter. I don't think I've ever laughed so hard, but I was able to do it quietly - I'm glad we went during the afternoon because if we'd gone at night I have no doubt we would've been kicked out of the place. Here are some historic events you didn't know:

1) Cavemen understood that tigers, mammoths, etc were animals. However if they saw anyone riding a horse they were immediately labeled " 4 legged demons." 

2) Egyptians were able to build the pyramids by kidnapping cavemen

3) They also trussed up the wooly mammoths like oxen and they too built pyramids.

4) There was  bird that existed that looked like a cross between the dodo and an ostrich that could run a gazillion miles and hour and chewed up people for no reason.

The movie was so bad we laughed all the way home - the indiscriminate whipping(nothing would be happening and then just WHAP WHAP WHAP for no reason), the tribes were killing us, especially the ones that had masks that looked like the end of a radiator - Adam had to leave for that one. The arch enemy The Almighty looked like a walking shower curtain and I cannot even describe the rest. After we went home and collected David and then went out for the chinese buffet which I LOVE and everyone else was so so about. So we're back to Monday, Adam is going to work with David and they can catch up there, I am going to work by myself and Jackson is off to school. But we had such a good time yesterday.

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