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Sunday, March 16, 2008

State Of Grace

No pictures of Adam yet - he just got here yesterday so I have all week to take them. His flight arrived on time, it was just David and I to pick him up - I did get Jackson up, but he took so long we finally left without him. There's only so many times you can scream up the stairs before wanting to commit murder and it was his loss, not ours. The most galling thing is I doubt this will happen in the service, sigh. Anyhoo, Pearl is giving it her all with her hostessing duties, she's been a busy girl. David had someone out from Ohio the other day swapping guns and he brought his wife so Pearl was hostessing those visitors (quite sucessfully I might add, they offered to take her with them...). She spent the evening parked on Adam so he could pet her as she's generous that way.However much to her dismay Adam was smart enough to know to bolt his door when he went to bed which forced Pearl to lurk about all morning until he got up. We had pizza for dinner last night and we're going out tonight, I've decided to give myself a grace period off my diet. I know you can pick diet stuff when you go out and eat sensible portions of pizza, but what fun is that?? Besides when I saw the doctor he sort of hinted it would maybe be ok if I weighed a little bit more so I suppose I shouldn't worry so much about it. I'm currently knitting my little heart out, I used the new printer to scan the patterns - they print them so tiny that you have to constantly recount rows and stitches so I usually scan and enlarge them. I'm doing another House Blanket but in white this time, I may have some inbetween projects if it gets too tedious. I do have to start using up some of my yarn though, it's starting to sneak out of the closets and the Yarn Hater will eventually notice which will lead to another lecture about Mental Problems.

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