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Monday, March 31, 2008

The Monday That Never Ends.

I am dragging a bit today - I did track down that patient yesterday, the phone number I had was a relative's and the first thing they said was, "oh, was that you calling all day yesterday?" - since I left multiple numbers I have no idea why they didn't call back. They were kind enough to give me the correct number AND the correct address which helped a bit.So I went out to get him done and then after that ended up going to Clarksburg (100 miles round trip) and did a wound dressing that took close to 2 hours. So I was bit wiped when I got home and then of course that lovely paperwork again. Hopefully the other nurse will be back today, she didn't come in Friday either so I didn't get to take my personal time which EVERYONE in the office knows by the way. I'm supposedly going to be able to take it today so we shall see. On the upside however, since I never call in sick the entire time I'm out will be covered AND since I did so many visits this weekend I will get an extra bucketful of money which will go towards Yarn and Stuff. I'm busy stressing a bit about my surgery, I am not a good patient and will never be so I was up off and on last night creating all sorts of dire situations - it's amazing how creative you can get at 1 am. Then of course the 2 am Girl showed up to get in on the action..... I'm sure it will go fine. (I hope).  

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