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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The 80% Rule

Jackson finally got his ATM card yesterday - the first time around the bank sent all the paperwork and no card, so it was all redone and the card was sent to the bank so there was no mixup. I took him afterschool and it was the usual for him - the bank person was no where around, then we found her and then she couldn't find the card. She found the card and then Jackson couldn't remember his PIN number, so he had to try to acess it 3 times and then he had to go back in and get it reset..... as we were driving over to the supermarket(we had to wait 10 minutes) he started with the Why Me Lord Why Me ranting - which is when I pointed out that things tend to go right about 80% of the time but we only notice the 20%. And it is true if you think about it, I probably get along with about 80% of my relatives but it's that annoying 20% that tends to hold my attention so well. My day goes well most of the time but at the end it's the bloodwork that got lost or the patient that needs seen now that I concentrate on - not the patient I finally managed to get an aide for after weeks of arguing with the government or the child that waits for me eagerly now instead of fearing another new face in thier life. When life is rolling along just fine we don't seem to appreciate or even notice it, but when things start heading south we put our all into it, don't we? The debit card thing turned out well - while we were shopping I got announcements from the Card Deprived Party every two minutes and it worked on the first try so Jackson is now an Official Card Carrying Member - but that 20% will haunt him, I guarentee it!

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magran42 said...

Yes, it's like cleaning your house.....when you do noone notices.....when you don't everyone notices.