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Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Bye To You

It was the usual mayhem - everyone knew what they were doing, but no one else did. I had taken off today thinking they would leave around 11 or so - but then David informs me they are leaving around 6 or so - he thought I knew that. I would've liked to have had a little extra time with Adam, but as David has pointed out, we'll see him again before he gets shipped off as he'll be in this country. And yesterday we had a really nice day together. They couldn't do my car so we did end up heading out to AC Moore's in Clarksburg - just for the record I did offer Adam some yarn but he declined. I got a book there - I had a coupon for 50%. David said just because you have a coupon doesn't mean you have to use it, but if you don't use it what's the point of living? Honestly, there would be no reason for my very existence now would  there? Well, except for yarn. Then we went to the mall in Meadowbrook where Adam got a haircut and I got some GREAT italian yarn on clearance - and no, the Yarn Hater was not impressed in case you're wondering. Then we went home and David got Jackson from school and we went out to  Ruby Tuesday for our anniversary. Then the bookstore where I bought two non-knitting related books and back home we went. Since they were getting an early start everyone was up and running around - the animals were all bouncing as they found the whole thing very Daring and Exciting of course - Pearl found it distressing but she finds everything distressing so we just ignored her. After a flurry of activity out they went. David was his usual self, he travels about as well as a souffle so every phone we have had messages on them. He called Ray - no one was there, he called me - I called Ray who didn't call David because he didn't leave a number. Sigh here. However, everyone is at thier final destination tonight and I'm busy seeing how much easter candy I can eat before I start spontaneously vomiting- Happy Holidays!!

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