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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Show Me The Chicken

Mr. Lee continues to thrive, she doesn't look 18, does she? One thing she's always done - and it's always driven Jackson crazy - is demand her part of whatever chicken you happen to have. The second they sit down with it she makes a beeline and then preceeds to be the most obnoxious pest you've ever met. If the party hoarding the chicken continues to ignore her, she's been known to get right up there and help herself. Jackson did finally give in and let her have some, but he was NOT happy about it. Mr. Lee didn't care, as long as you hand over the food you make all the noise you like. Anyhoo, I took my car to Jiffy Lube yesterday and they seem to think I might have an oil leak so I have to make an appointment for next week when I'm off. The only good thing if it needs repair I'll be off for a couple of weeks with my surgery coming up, that would be the only good thing. In the meantime I'll just be keeping an eye on it. Do you like the school bus pictures - the busses around here are amazing the way they drive. The students are very spread out so they have to travel a lot and quickly but sometimes it's disconcerting how fast they go, especially on these mountain roads. I took that on Grafton Road which if you drive it a lot it's fun, if you don't you spend a great deal of time pulling over to let the Nascar crowd go by. My favorite part is when you get near town the road snakes down hill and it's sort of like skiing in your car (if the roads ice up then it's EXACTLY like skiiing in your car). This bus though was really flying, I was going 70 and lagging, but the driver never missed a beat, I'm sure it's a daily route and if you drive the road enough you know when you can speed up and when you have to slow down. The weather is finally getting better and the Crack Weather Team is continuing with thier new form of weather predicting which is to simply predict EVERYTHING, change the forecast frequently and you have at least a 45% chance of being vaguely correct. Today's forecast throughout the week has been: in the 30's, the 50's, the 40's, sun, clouds, rain, snow, a winter mix with a possibility of pretty much everything. I need that job.

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ora4uk said...

LOL...I have always said...whatever they are paying the weather is too much!!!!  but then who can control Mother Nature????  hmmm???  God Bless...hugs...Ora  PS...we have a dog Max who could give Mr Lee a run for his money when it comes to chicken!!!!! LOL