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Sunday, March 2, 2008

End Of The Unisock

Yes, the socks are finally done! It took longer than I thought it would, but on the other hand there were two other projects inbetween so it probably didn't take as long as I think it did. I didn't end up going over Susan's yesterday, she was in the office part of the day and I had a bit of a spill in the driveway so I was on the heating pad most of the day. Nothing serious, there were some slick ice patches under the snow and fortunately I landed on my bottom - had I fallen the other way it would've been face first on the railroad tie retaining wall so I'm not complaining. Pearl's version of First Aid was to jump all over me hysterically and stand on my chest, it didn't help half as much as you think it would but it certainly got me back on feet pretty quick. I pulled a muscle in my leg and my back was a bit sore but I'm alright today. It was ok though since it gave me an excuse to finish up the second sock. Dr. Who and Torchwood were both on last night (two episodes each) so Jackson and I were parked on our respective couches quite enthralled for the evening - those shows just keep getting better and better. Jackson is rather full of himself these days since he's an official E1 and is the Ranking Person in the house since David, I, Pearl and the cats don't hold any rank at all. We've reminded the E1 however since he's living in a civilian house he still needs to clean his room and change his sheets - he can just do it in a professional way now. He's very excited about the whole thing and reads us various bits out of his DEP handbook and we worry about saluting and stuff now. Vincent wasn't overly impessed I might add and I might ship HIM off to the navy - we are still fighting the Litter Box Wars and he's winning. I cannot make him go to the bathroom outside - this morning he was particularly obnoxious by coming in, using BOTH the litter boxes and then wanting out. David just laughs and thinks it's a losing battle - Vicent can hold out much longer than I can.

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connie7280 said...

The socks look great.  I am home from Orlando where there is no snow. The pool was great.  I will have pictures in a day or so.   Love -- MOM