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Monday, March 24, 2008


Today was a bit of a runaway train - those of us not smart enough to call in sick got caught holding the proverbial bag - I drove my socks off. The nurse that called in had a full day - all in Preston county so we divided them up - I had two(in addition to my own) -  the second one the directions were so awful I ended up in WRONG TOWN for crying out loud! When I called the patient she laughed and said that address was where her mailbox was, she was currently living with family....I was surprised I didn't snap my phone in half.  I was just totally stressed and the additional side trip didn't help. And the nurse in question has already called in again for tomorrow - sigh, it must be nice. But the per diem LPN Ron was able to help and Jonathan the Bridgeport RN picked up some slack so everyone that needed seen got seen. Anyhoo, Easter was fun, I drove over to Susan and Roger's and played with thier golden retriever Buddy - I ended up covered with hair as it's that time of the year again. There were ten of us and the buffet was really nice, I sat between Susan and her mom and across from Marybeth and Ronnie Lee. Susan's niece Mycalah was there and as we were leaving she tugged Susan's sleeve and demanded to know why she hadn't brought Buddy - Susan leaned down and said "Because we decided to bring Julia instead!"


mamareef said...

Nice to know that you rate right up there with Buddy!
We did our Spring Holiday Hoopla up on the farm....very nice...we celebrated by building huge and frightening scarecrows for Celie to put up in the field.....they have lots of baby plants sprouting in their "nursery" and we are all desperate to see them planted in the ground once the SNOW MELTS!  

magran42 said...

These pictures make me want to get out and ramble the countryside.