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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Alone Again, Naturally

Did you know I'll be all alone for Easter this year? Just me, the cats and of course Pearl the SuperDog. I will not actually be alone, I'll be having Easter dinner with the Powells which will be fine with me. Then I will come home to an easter basket and eat candy until I explode since there will be no one here to stop me. I'm busy making up Adam's room, I stripped the bed this morning as the cats consider it thiers and I'm busy shuffling out the flotsom that tends to shuffle in over the winter when no wants to come visit us for some mysterious reason. Hmm. Work has been fun lately, I have enough to keep busy but not so much I stay that way. The patients have been getting closer in so it leaves me time to do paperwork and a little shopping here and there. But not at Michael's as the Yarn Hater has been very peevish lately about the amount of yarn and accessories we have - he didn't even care that I had a FORTY PERCENT OFF COUPON. So I had to sneak over there and use it and then work the new thing into my collection in a nonchalant way so the Yarn Hater would not start yammering again. I wish he would stop as he just upsets himself and annoys others. Especially others with a 40% off coupon to burn. Jackson is at a DEP meeting that he has to attend every month for the navy until he goes in, he was a bit peevish about that - after all he did sign up, what more did they want? He's probably going to have a good time and the recruiter told him that if he's in NY over the summer he can just attend a meeting there. The weather got nicer today, when I got home Pearl and I went out for an hour and she just raced around the yard nonstop, she's such a weasel.

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