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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Enough Already!

It snowed AGAIN yesterday and last night, this is getting quite tiresome - even I have to admit it. They've changed the weather report so many times in the past week I don't they even they can keep up with it - Saturday alone had 5 different predictions throughout the week and they managed to predict snow at the last minute making them right on a technicality I suppose. I'm oncall this weekend and had two visits and an open but managed to get them done before the roads got bad. Pearl of course thinks the snow is Wonderful and happily patters all over the yard with the Yucky Rubber Frog in tow. She got herself in trouble yesterday when I went to take her out. I bent down to get one of my boots and she managed to jump up on the church pew at exactly the same time - she hit me like a brick between the eyes, Wow Whee. I'm alright - a bit shocked that my nose isn't broken (I hope), it's a little swollen and more than a little sore, but thank goodness not too bad. David called Cathy last night too - she's the dog breeder who will be providing the stud the next time around - she was telling him that her crew got ahold of a copperhead a few weeks ago and all of them managed to get bitten (she has 7 Vizslas), so they've been giving her a run for her money too - she didn't even want to talk about the vet bill! All survived. Speaking of survival, I'm trying to survive Girl Scout Cookie Season, I think not one more box will cross my doorstep or I won't be able to squeeze past it! Girl Scout cookies are insane - there aren't many in a box, they cost too much  money but they're the  best, aren't they? David ate a box of the peanut butter ones, Jackson cleaned out two boxes of Somoas on his own and last night he and I powered through the last box of Thin Mints while we watched our regular Saturday night shows. I haven't been able to get on the treadmill - my leg is still bothering me from that fall last week. It's just a pulled thigh muscle but I have to stay off the exercise equipment until it stops hurting as I just keep re-injuring it - however, this would be a VERY good time to stay away from the Thin Mints I think.


magran42 said...

Cannot eat one Girl Scout cookie....have to eat the whole box!  These pictures just take my breath away!

ora4uk said...

Hi ... I am a new reader from KY....the pics are beautiful....we also got our fill of snow and ice this week end....that Pearl...she is something else...I think I love her LOL...and about them cookies?????   one leads to another....another.... and another...I think it was good we got snowed in...couldn't buy any more LOLOL....thanks for a great journal....hugs....Ora of KY