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Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Weekend Rolls On

It's been a busy weekend I have to say - I did 3 admissions yesterday right in a row - I was out from early til the afternoon and then sat down and did a ton of paperwork. I have to go hunt down another one at some point today - the phone number is in one state and the address is in another - insert a sigh here. Other than that it's been a lazy weekend - Jackson is making plans for the prom and his graduation, I can't believe that coming up so fast! We've heard from Adam a few times, he's doing very well and is enjoying the navy this time around - I think maybe it was a good thing for him to leave for a little while. When I worked at Stonybrook I did the same thing - in fact when the DON found out I was leaving she told me to go ahead - she said I wouldn't know how good I had it until I left. And she was right. And I think that's a good reason for us not to leave WV right away, things are really good right now and I am so looking foward to the summer!(David has repeatedly told me to stop peeking in the pool, it's not time yet!) - I feel like we're really getting what we deserve, a break after all this paddling upstream. My surgery is on Tuesday - I am getting a bit nervous about it, but they moved the time up to 11 am so I won't be starving all day. I'm trying to get a few things done around the house, Ray gave us his old vacuum and David wanted to see if the  power head would fit our vacuum. He put it on and it did - then he turned it on a few times and it didn't work. So we're both standing there wondering why it won't work and that would be when he noticed I had the plug in my hand - once a moron always a moron I suppose. But it gave us quite a laugh!

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connie7280 said...

Happy to hear Adam is doing well.  It was nice he was around ane we all got to see him after all those years away.   Mom