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Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Pearl is not liking this everyone being away thing we have going. Her latest thing is that in order to Guard The House efficiently she sits directly on top of me while I'm trying to sleep and barks randomly. This was NOT fun at 1 am the other night not to mention as I pointed out to her, that if someone was in the house she would've have given away our location. Then it would've been up to Pearl The Guard Dog to protect me and cats and quite frankly I  don't think she's up for it. David and Jackson will be along some time during this week - so far David has called and told me they will be home Sunday, Friday, Wednesday and Thursday, sigh. Since I like to know ahead of time EXACTLY when things will occur this is driving me crazy which he knows but apparently doesn't care. I heard from Adam, he is up in Chicago (he was spirited away by the navy on Monday) and will be up there for at least a month before heading off to classes. Work has been a bit better, hopefully the other nurse will be coming back in today. I didn't get too much done this week, by the time I get home at night it's dinner time and I end up taking Pearl out while the sun's still up since she's trapped in the house all day. I'm oncall this weekend, eww is all I have to say.

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magran42 said...

Poor Pearl!  She sounds stressed.