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Friday, March 14, 2008

Farewell Dear Friend

Yes, it finally happened - we had sort of expected it, all this limping along, sometimes we weren't even sure it was still awake. Then last week it made a ghastly sound, shuddered and that was it. Our printer died. We would have been more accepting of it had it chosen to die before we ordered (and paid for!) a whole bunch of NONRETURNABLE ink cartridges. We called Dell and aside from informing us they would not like thier ink back they also informed us they no longer made that printer that the ink went to. Bastards. So we are now the proud owners of a new printer and the not so proud owners of not-usable ink. If anyone out there owns a Dell AIO that uses series #2 ink(7Y743) - let me know. Dell sent us a cheery letter with the new printer saying they would be happy to recycle the printer and the ink but I'd rather eat them - I pay for this stuff and they'll take it back for FREE - what a bunch of weasels. Speaking of such things, the House Monkey is due here tomorrow in the AM and we're rather excited about that, arent we! We will be picking up his monkey butt in Pittsburgh ( he will be a flying house monkey!) and he'll be here for the entire week. He'll have to amuse himself from Monday to Wednesday but I'm off for the weekend and also took Thursday and Friday off at the end of the week. Speaking of Thursday, David and I will be celebrating our 26th anniversary this year, can you believe that! Considering the fact we only knew each other for 6 months before we got engaged and then got married 6 months after that, that's pretty good. And we still like each other!


sweetnessk71 said...

I would sell them on ebay.  Always someone looking for things like that at a discount.. better then loseing all the money you paid for it

:) Kris

ora4uk said...

awww gee....when you said you had all that Dell printer ink...I was ready to call and say mail it to me LOL...but it is the wrong kinda printer...sowwy!!!!  and well for Easter...and being alone...guess you could bring out your "secret" stash of yarn and start something pretty????  LOL..just a thought ... happy....and Happy Anniversary to you both...God Bless...hugs....Ora in KY