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Thursday, March 20, 2008

26 Years Today

That's right - we have been married for 26 years now, it just doesn't seem possible does it? I've actually been married most of my life now - we're not doing too much, we'll take the boys out to dinner which will be nice. It's so rare for us all to be together nowadays. And we have a lot to do - my car has to go to the shop to be looked at, they have to pack, Jackson's off to school and of course Pearl needs all the attention she can get. I'm off for the next two days which I'm really looking foward to - I haven't been off in ages and it seems like when I am I'm doing something or going somewhere and I end up more exausted than I started out. We might take Adam to Clarksburg today depending on how much time we have but since they have so much traveling to do tomorrow it's just going to be pretty low key


magran42 said...

47 years here......I've been married ALL of my life....Congratulations   May there be many many more celebrations.  Having a good day is a celebrations.

mamareef said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!  Takes me right back to the Polish Hall.....the next time you come to my house, I'm gonna make you try on our dress!  Celie got the bottom edge of it all dirty.....but it's still in reasonable condition.  I cut a tiny piece of lace off the back of it when Celie got married....she carried it for good luck.  Two brides wore that dress in 1981 and 1982 and both are still married!!!!!...I figure that's pretty good luck in this day and age!