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Friday, March 7, 2008


David has been working on the back room lately, it was too cold to spackle it so he had to let it go for awhile. Vincent loves it as he sits on the ladder that David leaves and spies on the birds. He brought me a rodent yesterday which I think he might have gotten out of the woodpile behind the fence, I see them playing back there once in awhile. He brought it to the front door and then flopped it about so I can see what a nifty gift he has for me. Whoo hoo. In other local news I will be having my hernia operation on April 1st, the same day David is getting his neck whacked by the dermatologist - it was the only time they had available. I was telling the scheduler about David having his appointment the same day and she laughed and said "What are the chances of that?!" - I replied "in my world, 100%". but he has to go in at 9:15 and my surgery isn't until 2pm so it should be workable. Of course I'm not happy about being NPO until 2 o'clock in the afternoon - arrgh I HATE that. I'm suffering just thinking about it. Then I'll be off for about 2 weeks or so, it's not a big hernia and it's located in a not bad spot so it won't be too traumatic (I hope).

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magran42 said...

I'll be thinking of you and the surgery!  I have decided from looking at your pictures that EVERYWHERE in WV is beautiful.