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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

It's a Sailor's Life For Me

The Navy recruiter was here last night to go over the final papers and have Jackson sign off on them so that is that. His tentative date of departure is Sept 2nd but the recruiter is working on having that changed back to August. Jackson will have to attend monthly meetings until he ix-nays out of here and he's totally excited about starting his new life. I offered Pearl - lene as a Navy dog but the recruiter adeptly avoided addressing that subject, Pearl spent most of the evening trying to see how much of her red hair she could get on that dark blue suit. Adam will be ix-naying on the 24th - he's heading to a short stint in bootcamp and then to Mississippi for A school, then back to where ever they decide to send him. As for me and David, we will be enjoying the scenery here for at least another year while we decide what we want to do - it'll be the first time we don't have to consider the school system and that really frees you up a great deal. We're just waiting to get through all of this upcoming stuff going on - it is a lot. Work has been very busy - and of course there's always Office Drama to keep me distracted. Yesterday was one thing after another but since it was Monday that's nothing new. I have to do an injection training today so I brought home the kit to go over it - Jackson was not as interested in self-injecting Humera as you would think, he lost interest after the first 5 minutes. So did I, but I get paid for it and he doesn't it so it sort of behooved me to watch it so I would remember what I would be doing. All of these drug companies come up with fancy injection pens some of which take longer to set up and figure out than to do the actual injection! I started another knitting project but I'm not sure I like it so it might get frogged and I'll start something else in the meantime. I usually end up starting two or three projects before I find one I like.

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