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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Ah- Choo!

David has been tiling his butt off - he finished the kitchen the other day and laid the tile in front of the door today. We've all been threatened with certain death for anyone who walks on it, someone might buy the farm today.  I'm coming down with a cold so I've been doing couch duty alternating with me attempting to clean off the porch off the kitchen. I have grandiose ideas for that so I've been doing a bit at a time all day and have it fairly cleaned up. The little heater I got for Christmas helps but it's still rather Tundra-like out there.
 Yesterday was very nice - David and I got an early start in the morning, we stopped and had breakfast at a little restaurant that boasted you ate "right out of the pan!" which I suppose is a little less novel than "right out of the box!" or "right off the floor!". They did serve everything in little pans so our table was littered with pans, but the food was good and the coffee strong - the way life should be. We got to the outlets a little early, there was no electronics place - I found that a little surprising - the prices weren't too bad and I was glad we got there early and out - we left at noon (they open at 10) and there were lines of cars already. I guess the weekend after New Year is not the ideal time to go.  But I did get to scope out what's there and the exact location of the Cheesecake Factory for future reference and then it was back to where we usually go shopping. I got my camera, the usual Kodak. I looked at the more expensive models but what I use it for and the way I abuse it I can break a $100 one just as easily as a more expensive one so I went with the cheapy easy to use model. We did the grocery shopping and a few other odds and ends. For dinner we ate all the crappy cereal Adam left behind - that was a big whoo hoo for me! What's the point of being an adult if you can't eat sugar coated crap for dinner? Remember when you were a kid and you couldn't eat cookies for dinner because it Wasn't Good For You and you VOWED when you grew up someday you would eat cookies every night if you wanted to and would wash it down with milkshakes? Of course the hard cold reality is if you do that every night as vowed your ass would be the size of a cadillac but there's no reason why you can't pull up a gallon of milk and your Lucky Charms once in awhile and chow down - I find the older I get the easier it is to entertain me.

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Donna said...

When I got my first apartment, I'd eat whatever I wanted, any time. Although I could do that all my life, really. My mom didn't care if I ate cookies at suppertime.