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Monday, January 26, 2009

Flying The Coop

Becky is winging her way back to WV today, she and Jackson were packing her stuff up. It will most likely cost her a million dollars to get that suitcase home and if it accidently pops open it could result in an explosion of clothes. They had a good time though and it was nice to have them both here, even if it was only for a little while. I'm off tomorrow - the interview kind of makes things difficult but I'll have most of the day with Jackson so that is good. I'm a little nervous about this but since I'm already employed that takes a lot of the pressure off. I would love to have this job but I'll still be able to pay the bills tomorrow if it doesn't work out. The weather continues to be extremely cold, it was - 1 all day yesterday which had us trotting to and from the car double time. The mall in Scranton has a parking garage but the one in Dixon City has a big wide windy parking lot - brrr!! 
I've been slowing down a bit on the shopping - I'm going to order one more time from Knitpicks and that is IT (for at least a month......) They're having a 40% off sale on all their books and who can resist that? My other project will eventually be the enclosed porch but it's way too cold to paint it right now or even really do much. David goes back and forth over the carpeting issue, it would make sense to do it now while he's got a little time but doing it in winter could be a real problem so I suppose he'll just continue to mull it over.

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