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Friday, January 30, 2009

Professional XT

Arrgh - I hate those tests simply because I never do well on them. That's the new test for managerial placement, the first section alone has over 180 questions and I don't want to talk about the math. From what the website said (yes I did look it up before I started so I could see exactly what it is) it makes sure you put the right people in the right job based on their scores. My question would be if you're excluding people based on this test - how would you know? You didn't give them the job so you would have no idea if this test were effective or not, now would you? But that is neither here nor there so I sat for over an hour and answered every question under the sun and if they determine I'm not qualified, I'll just start looking at other jobs. And I am continuing to look, the job I'm in just progressively gets worse. I know part of it is me, I'm so anxious to get out of there everything is magnified. But I also know that if you have THREE supervisors overseeing THREE nurses (no I'm not kidding) you should be rolling along just fine and they are definitely not. Their solution is to hire ANOTHER supervisor so we'll actually have more supervisors than staff - and no I wouldn't even think of applying for it, I want no part of that mess. I'm also thinking of going into dialysis, there are quite a few places around here and some have 12 hour shifts so I'm very interested in that. In other news, we heard from Jackson, he did get off the ground despite all the snow and ice - we had told him to call as soon as he got there so we got a call at 3 am due to all the delays he had. He told us they are walking around in Tee shirts of course and he was nervous but pretty excited too. We were just glad he got there in one piece. Pearl is NPO this morning, she is having her xrays so she can't eat anything. There's nothing wrong with her - we plan on eventually breeding her so we need the xrays to rule out hip dysplagia. She did manage to steal some cat food but that would be Pearl. David was out yesterday signing up for CNA courses - the construction has fallen off completely so he's been looking for another job and decided on this one. He's starting in a couple of weeks and the funny thing is Roman called the other night (he's a limo driver for an agency and the economy has eaten his job too) to tell David HE'S doing a course for the same thing! So we have a lot on our plate this week, don't we?

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