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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Random Acts Of Silence

I've been having awful problems with this blog - the picture function is difficult and that's being nice about it(it takes about 5 minutes to load one picture, if I try more than 3 it fails). And that is a shame as I have some wonderful pictures of Gold Jesus I took the other day so you'll all have to wonder. Work has been going downhill steadily and I am stuck. I don't want to go looking for another job- the idea of having to start all over again with applications, interviews, phone calls and so forth is just overwhelming but the alternative is staying in this job  and it's completely defying it's own job description at this point. I earned time off which I didn't get because they're short and they couldn't give me a day off so they took it away because I didn't use it. So now I have to fill out forms to get time back that was mine in the first place.  I've given up asking about health benefits, all I get is a vague thing about how they have to give me some forms to fill out none of which have made an appearance which means I've been there almost 4 months and still paying for my own health insurance. So I've become very quiet at work which I can see is making them nervous - I've been very vocal about what I don't like about the job but nothing has changed and I know they'll be surprised when I hand in my resignation - round and round it goes. The only that is stopping me however - what do I want to do. I'm realistic, I know when you interview they put the rosiest spin on things so you'll want to work for them - the trick is finding the job that has the lowest level of awful things you can. I'm in no hurry, I can put up with it for a little while longer while I decide what I want to do and I'm scanning the want ads daily. David has pointed out we are well able to carry our own insurance so it's a bonus to get it through work but not a necessity. So we'll see - I'm on call this weekend which is another bone of contention, when I started I was told they had weekend workers and it was only calls for emergent - I'll be out all day today doing admissions and part of tomorrow as apparently they like to take LOTS of admits on the weekend. I'm supposed to get Wednesday off to compensate- we'll see.

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Donna said...

It doesn't sound too promising!