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Sunday, January 11, 2009

TGIAMOIMKM which means....

Thank Goodness It's Almost Monday Or I Might Kill Myself - yes, it was that busy of a weekend, thank you for asking. It was so busy I didn't even get a chance to go shopping, but I do have Wednesday off so I can catch up then. I've finally posted the picture of golden Jesus who resides out near Montage Mountain Road - do you see the little steps up the side that I was so excited about? Well, forget it, just put it out of your head - you cannot go sit in front of Golden Jesus even though there is a wee little bench just calling your name. There was a rope and a sign that said NO Trespassing - Keep Off.  You're probably thinking that since I usually stay to the straight and narrow I stayed off. Well, I did stay off but not for lack of trying. My big issue was the steps were all covered in ice all the way up and when I tried to get over the rope I slipped a little bit so I had  to stop and reconsider my next plan of action. It was to get back down because I can only explain so much and that one would have been tough explaining how I broke my leg for Jesus especially since we all know I do not believe in that stuff.  The best I would be able to come up with would be Taking One For The Team and that might not even cut it, so sadly I got off the monument and took my pictures from the ground. There was a huge mausoleum next to it so I went and rattled the door, locked. Bastards. So I was batting a thousand in the graveyard and got back in my car and went back to work. Someone has to do it.  Workwise this weekend it was just nonstop all weekend, I did 9 hours yesterday and today 8 to 3 plus paperwork plus calling my patients for tomorrow. The sad thing is I have so much to do I don't have anytime to look for another job... I guess I'll put it on the list for Monday.


Donna said...

That golden Jesus certainly is interesting! I have to wonder why someone put him up there.

Sorry about your busy weekend.

Indigo said...

You know your busy when Mondays sound appealing. As for the icy steps...they won't be iced over forever. Why yes, I do have the same daring nature. (Hugs)Indigo