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Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Little Catching Up To Do

I've  been quite busy lately - between work and Becky and Jackson visiting there's been no time to sit. Becky arrived a day after Jackson much to the delight of the Hostess - she has been busy also. They've been having fun, there's a big movie house and loads of malls so David drops them off at various buildings of commerce and they shop, eat and watch movies. This has been a week of things working out - the windows were delayed for David's job so he's been able to spend time with them. They're reverting to high school of course, too much soda, video games and so forth - but technically they're still teenagers too, aren't they? We've been out to dinner a few times - we have a really nice little diner right down the road from us and had a great time the other night. I was on call last night but after 8 am I'm free for the weekend. Janet and Di are expected to be here for the day around 11 and Sunday I have one patient to see in the morning but after that I'll be available for shopping. And I will be shopping for an interview outfit. It's no secret I've been very unhappy at my job here, so I've been scanning the want ads for the past couple of months. And I found a job I am a) very excited about and b)unqualified for. But I threw my hat in the ring anyhow as it can't hurt to ask. Much to my surprise - they contacted me!!  More to my surprise I passed the telephone interview and the day I took a personal day is the one day they can do the interview. I don't know what will happen, but it's a start and like being an Oscar contender, sometimes it's just and honor to  be nominated.

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Donna said...

Good luck with the job interview!